Bender's 7 Year Old Small Batach Rye Whiskey 750ml

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Well here we have another one of these fabolously mysterious new ryes. This was bottled in San Francisco, but it's been confirmed that the product has Canadian roots, of course. When I asked why they weren't talking about it's origins, the owners made it very clear that the reason that they weren't disclosing the supplier is that they're affraid to loose the tiny amount of rye they're getting from this distiller to someone else. Apparently, this isn't the same old Canadian Straight Rye! When they say small batch, they really mean it. These guys are securing a handful of barrels at a time. This first batch clocked in at 3348 bottles, which translates to probably 6-8 barrels at full strength. The Whisky is a blend of Rye and Corn whisky at 85% and 15% respectively. Bottled at a seemless 96 proof it will definitely be getting some love from Canadian, Kentucky, and San Fran fans alike.

96 Proof

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