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The Entertainer Wine Club - March 2017

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This club was created for the everyday entertainer, whether that means you’re entertaining a party of one (the typical weeknight for us) or a party of twenty, this is the club for you. Each month you will receive hand selected wines with outstanding value. Selections may include bold California cabernets to food friendly Italian varietals. We can’t forget about all the great value wine coming from Spain, Argentina, Chile and other great wine growing regions…which, lucky for you, will also be part of “The Entertainer” selections!

The Investor Wine Club - March 2017

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What do we know about investing? We know that if we are going to invest in anything it’s going to be good wine that we’ll be able to show off (ahem, we mean enjoy) days, months, or years from now. Some people invest in real-estate, purses, and fast cars. Wine is all that and more for the wine Investor. Pulling their “investment” out of its little home in the cellar. Brushing off the dust. Cutting the foil. Pulling the cork out with ease. Pouring the perfectly colored red addiction into big fancy glasses. It’s pure bliss. Join The Investor Wine Club

The Explorer Wine Club - Mach 2017

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This club is for The Romantics. The Dreamers. The Curious. The Explorers. As a NapaCabs Wine Explorer, you will have the opportunity to discover new wines from many of the best wine growing regions of the world. Imagine tasting a new varietal or producer for the first time, putting your nose to the rim of the glass, smelling ripe fruit, the wet soil from which the vines grew, the terroir of the region. For a moment you are momentarily transported to a different place, to the vineyard, to the cellar, to that country. Now, swirl and take the first sip. Tasting the plush juicy fruit, the warm baking spices of vanilla and cinnamon. The soft tannins coat your mouth. The bright acidity brings the wine to life. And you think to yourself…Wow. This is how we want your experience to be with every shipment of The Explorer Wine Club. Subscriptions now available at Napacabs.com.

The Collector Wine Club - March 2017

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This club is for the serious wine drinker. The collector of all collectors. The person at the table that everyone looks to when the Sommelier asks “Have you made a wine selection?” You know what you like and you like the finer things in life, and we like that about you. Your monthly hand selected bottles are purchased directly through the winery or their authorized representative. They are stored in our temperature and humidity controlled warehouse to maintain their pristine condition, only the best for the best. The only thing you have to worry about is making room in your cellar for some new favorites.