U.S. Remains Most Attractive Wine Market

U.S. Remains Most Attractive Wine Market

According to Wine Intelligence’s Global Compass 2019 report, The United States has topped their list again as the most attractive wine market in the world.

It said the US’ continued Compass attractiveness rating "rests largely on the willingness of American consumers to trade up in terms of the price they pay for the wine they do buy, while other categories such as craft beer and spirits compete more strongly for share of personal alcoholic beverage consumption".

The top five is rounded out by CanadaFranceGermany and The Netherlands. It looks like Americans willingness to shell out money for top-quality bottles is paying off for both domestic and imported wine producers. Many emerging wine producers, like Brazil, have graduated to the rank of “Growth”, while established producers, like Australia, have moved up to a “Mature” producer.

Aug 6th 2019

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