What is Chocolate Wine?

What is Chocolate Wine?

Chocolate wine has recently gained much popularity, despite being around since the 18th century. Chocolate wine had one of 2 styles. Both start with a clean red wine base. Then they either add chocolate to the wine to create a rich, deep, chocolatey profile; or they add chocolate and cream, to create a more milkshake-like beverage for adults. While the most popular time for chocolate wine is either Valentine’s Day or Easter, it can be enjoyed year round as a dessert wine. It is served best with ice cream, fruit, and cakes. It is also perfect as an after dinner drink, with its light, creamy, and fruity notes. It can be served chilled, at room temperature, or warmed, but try not to heat it beyond 65 degrees Fahrenheit, as this can greatly affect the taste. Most bottles will have the ideal way to serve each product. Here are some of our favorite chocolate wines:

ChocoVine: This red wine product is made with dark chocolate and Dutch cream to create flavors akin to Baileys Irish Cream—or chocolate milk with a splash of brandy.

CV Chocolate Cream Wine: A delicious blend of velvety chocolate and cream. CV Chocolate has an inviting nose, a creamy mouthfeel with a delightful and balanced finished. CV Chocolate offer consumers a unique and exciting sensory experience.

Chocolate Bar Chocolate Port: Chocolate Bar Chocolate Port is a unique port with a wonderful hint of chocolate. This is perfect for after dinner drinks or cocktail parties. 

Jul 8th 2019

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