Winery Profile: MauiWine

Winery Profile: MauiWine

MauiWine is the premier Hawaiian winery. A long and storied history accompanies each bottle from this island vineyard. Having been a plantation, a ranch, and, now, a winery, their location—nestled in the southern slopes of the Haleakalā volcano—has hosted, sea captains, kings, entrepreneurs, tourists, and many more. In fact, they claim over 6 million visitors since they opened! From their website:

Like so many on the island, we’re not just craftsmen but also story tellers. Our vines are rooted in the rich history of Maui, and our wines are a big part of the story of a community that has made ‘Ulupalakua its home for generations. Visiting our winery and its people is truly a cultural experience, and the distinctiveness of each bottle makes for a tasting experience like no other!

The winery began in 1974 with a partnership between C. Pardee Erdman, owner of Ulupalakua Ranch, and Emil Tedeschi, who came from a family history of winemaking in Calistoga, California. The winery enjoyed great success and began distributing their wine across America and in 4 other countries around the world. In 2015, the winery announced a comprehensive rebranding and changed its name from Tedeschi Vineyards to MauiWine, as it is known today. Despite this new name, there is still a long heritage and history that comes from the historic winery. And, of 

course, the wine they produce lives up to the tradition of quality that MauiWines has cultivated.

MauiWines produces 3 collections of wines: Pineapple Wines, Estate Wines, and Rose Ranch Wines. The Rose Ranch Wines are a tribute to the wineries days as a ranch. This line includes the popular Mele red wine, which MauiWine describes as, “Red berries. Baking spices. Sweet vanilla. Eucalyptus. Lush. Bright. Juicy. Food Friendly”. Their Estate Wines are traditional grape wines that include eight different varietals. Their famous Pineapple Wines include the lively, crisp, and refreshing Maui Blanc; the fruity and tropical Maui Splash; and the floral and effervescent Hula O Maui, a pineapple sparkling wine.

The winery offers tours and tastings in their historic King’s Cottage and Old Jail. Tastings range from 12-40 dollars, while walking tours are complimentary. For MauiWine and other products made on the island, click here.

Aug 7th 2019

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