Winery Profile: Obvious Wines

Winery Profile: Obvious Wines

Many of us know of the pomp and pretense that surrounds wine. Obvious Wines wants to circumvent wine snobbery and help all wine drinkers enjoy and learn about their wine more easily. Founded by Brice Baillie, a “reformed wine snob”, from Champagne, France, Obvious Wines began in Venice, California, after Baillie moved to the state to learn more about American wine. After spending time talking with his new American friends and family, he noticed a gap between an overall growing interest and love for wines, yet high level of intimidation towards selecting and discussing wine. Baillie then set out to make wine consumption more accessible for all by using simplified and helpful labels, while producing high quality and eco-friendly wines. After direct consumer interaction and feedback, Obvious Wines now self-distributes in California.

Obvious Wines currently produces 6 varietals, all of which have clear and helpful information. Adjectives like “dark”, “oaky”, and “lively” are in big bold letters, so you know what to expect. As their website says, “you shouldn’t need a PhD to drink wine”. Each varietal is numbered 1-6 and have the varietal type and winery at the bottom of the label. The labels also include easy food pairing and a characteristics chart. Obvious Wines sources their wine from wineries in California, France, and Chile.

The Obvious wine lineup is: No.1 Dark & BoldNo.2 Bright & CrispNo.3 Light & Lively, No.4 Rich & Oaky, No.5 French and Bubbly, and No.6 Simply Rosé. You can find all these bottles here

Aug 9th 2019

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