Cycles Gladiator Pinot Noir 2014


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From California Central Coast, Cycles Gladiator Pinot Noir 2014 by Cycles Gladiator in the Pinot Noir category is now available at in 750 ML Standard size for only $10.95, inventory was last updated on 2017-04-21 18:51:43. Usually ships in 1 to 5 days

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Product Description

Tasting notes: Dark cherry aromas with hints of raspberry and graham cracker on the nose. Kind of like Carneros Pinot. A complex array of red fruit compote in the mouth. Plum, cherry, and melba toast wrap around the tongue which gives way to pomegranate acidity well into the finish. This wine would pair quite well with any game fowl, a hearty risotto, or pork tenderloin.

Working on his passion for over 20 years, Adam LaZarre is one of California’s most acclaimed winemakers, having won the LA Int’l Wine Competition a record 3 times, amongst numerous other accolades. 

"“It slipped down my throat like the little Lord Jesus dressed in velvet pantaloons” is a 400 year-old quote attributed to the Carmelite nuns of Burgundy when they described the sensation of drinking the wine from their vineyard. This may or may not only be legend, but I’ve paraphrased this quote for years to describe my feelings when I drink this particular wine. Silky, lush, and sexy are all adjectives that can be used to describe the perception Pinot Noir has on the palate. And it always surprises me that it took a successful movie to popularize this amazingly expressive and versatile wine. But then again, most of you reading this already knew long before Sideways that Pinot Noir is an absolute treasure and gift for the palate. It’s a wine both sturdy and fragile, rich and delicate, an absolute enigma. It’s been called the “Heartbreak” grape for winemakers and growers. It’s been romanticized in books and movies. I don’t know about all this but I do know one thing – it’s an absolute joy to make, especially when you get it right. Pinot for the masses! (but we’ll keep the best stuff for ourselves, OK?)"- Adam La Zarre

Additional Information

Varietal/Type Pinot Noir
gtin 757725721429
Brand Cycles Gladiator
Size 750 ML Standard
Region California Central Coast
Rating No