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  • Stemware Rack - Acrylic
    Bottoms up!. It's a favorite toast and also the ideal position for storing stemware. Our distinctive clear acrylic rack fits easily under most kitchen cabinets, break fronts and buffets, and presents a classic image of the graceful host.

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  • Grapevine Beverage Napkin Holder
    This metal napkin holder is a chip off the ol' Cork Cageᆴ block, featuring entwined with metal vines, leaves and colored glass spheres. Handy center weight holds napkins in place.

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  • Reindeer Bottle Holder
    Bring the holiday spirit to the dinner table with this prancing reindeer bottle holder. It features detailed metal cut-out work and antique finish.

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  • Rabbit Electra
    The sleek and simple Rabbit Electra Rechargeable Corkscrew pulls corks at the touch of a button. Now, you can easily pull all types of corks, including synthetic. It has a recessed spiral that lets you lock it on the bottle for easier operation. Simply press the down arrow to remove the cork and then press the up arrow to eject the cork.

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