Genesis by Hogue Columbia Valley Riesling Washington 2010

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Wine Tasting Notes
Every year several of our finest Riesling vineyards stand head and shoulders above the rest. Typically, these lots are earmarked for Hogue Late Harvest White Riesling, but for our inaugural vintage of Genesis Riesling, we chose several of these vineyard blocks, earmarked them for Genesis and picked them at the optimal ripeness to make a drier style of wine. What resulted is a beautifully balanced, intense Riesling with aromas of ripe mandarin orange, clove, pineapple, jasmine and apricot. Rich and crisp, this wine has citrus and stone fruit on the palate. The balance between its racy acidity and subtle sweetness makes the Genesis Riesling wonderful as an aperitif or a delicious complement to spicy Southeast Asian dishes such as chicken or prawn satay.
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