Merkin 2012 Shinola Red Wine (Maynard James Keenan/Caduceus)


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From the US, Merkin 2012 Shinola Red Wine (Maynard James Keenan/Caduceus) by Caduceus in the Red Wines Unique category is now available at in 750 ML Standard size for only $21.95, inventory was last updated on 2017-03-08 18:07:21. Usually ships in 1 to 5 days

Product Description

Winemakers Notes - This is our Italian based Merkin red from Luna County, New Mexico. Sangiovese, Refosco, Primitivo, Dolcetto. Pasta friendly. 25% Dolcetto, 25% Primitivo, 25% Refosco, 12.5% Sangiovese, 12.5% Montepulciano.

In this world filled with so much chaos, an endless barrage of choices and distractions, a constant parade of the Snake Oil salesmen with their slippery sleight of hand and their deceptive smoke and mirrors, in this world...Only the Wisest of men can recognize the difference. 13.4% ABV.

Additional Information

Varietal/TypeRed Wines Unique
Free Shipping on Case of 12No
Size750 ML Standard