12 Bottle Case Pasqua LUI Cabernet Veneto IGT 2018 (Italy) Rated 91WE w/ Shipping Included

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Rated 91
A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Corvina, with 50% of the Cabernet being dried, this wine is rich and unctuous. It opens with aromas of figs with vanilla and sweet spices that then show cassis liqueur and tobacco. The rich and full-bodied palate is dense with preserved plums, dried leaves, espresso and a hint of cocoa, finishing with ripe tannins and a creaminess.

Wine Tasting Notes
Pasqua LUI Cabernet Veneto IGT showcases a rich, fleshy, and complex profile on the palate, boasting layers of dark fruit. The use of barrels imparts aromatic notes of vanilla bourbon from La Reunion islands, offering a delicate yet very sweet essence with hints of baba' cream, mascarpone, rum, almonds, officinal herbs, dry vegetables, and hay. The mouthfeel is characterized by soft and velvety tannins, while the aftertaste lingers with coconut, vanilla, dried fruit, and subtle smoky undertones, culminating in a remarkably long finish.

This wine pairs exceptionally well with red meats, barbecue dishes, duck, and game, enhancing the dining experience with its robust flavors and versatile nature.

The name "LUI" is inspired by a small bird native to the Cognac and Veneto regions, adding a touch of whimsy and charm to the overall presentation. The label features a poem by Catullus, specifically Catullus II or "Sparrow, the Special Delight of My Girl" (Il passerotto di Lesbia), further enriching the cultural and literary significance of this exceptional wine.

Cabernet Sauvignon 80%, Corvina 20%

Alcohol 15.5%
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