Peter Michael La Carriere Knights Valley Chardonnay 2015 Rated 95-97WA

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Wine Advocate Review
Rated 95-97
The 2015 Chardonnay La Carriere, from Dijon and Hyde clones, exhibits exceptional minerality, great concentration, tangerine oil, marmalade and citrus blossom. White currants also make an appearance in this super-concentrated wine, which is about one-third less production than in 2014.

Wine Tasting Notes
Terroir-driven minerality remains the hallmark of this vineyard, with aromas of brioche, toasted almond, dry honey, white vine rose, jasmine, hazelnut and William pear. The nose is dominated by aromas of mandarin orange, acacia, hazelnut and William pear. Accents of royal jelly and vanilla complete the elegant bouquet. Citrus oils, white peach and lemon highlight the minerality. Wonderfully concentrated and elegant on the palate, the wine is sculpted, rich, intense and creamy. The 2015 La Carrière is enjoyable now and will continue to develop for a decade.
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