Syrah - Shiraz

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Syrah - Shiraz (See-rah - Shee-rahz) can primarily be found in France and is the sole grape used to make the highly sought Rhone wines from Cote Rotie and Hermitage. France may be the most significant source of Syrah, but Californian, South African, and Australian regions are also showing signs of mastering the grape. Syrah thrives on heat, which is why areas such as and South Africa Australia are so fond of the varietal, but with heat, there is always problem of getting a little more than you bargained. Once the grape even slightly over ripens there will be a significant loss of character. A Syrah should be intense in both appearance and flavor character; with a dark violet color and a chewy, rich texture. Typical characteristics of a Syrah would be dark berries, pepper, thyme, grass, and clove. Syrah, full-bodied and sensual grape.
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