Crystal Head Vodka Aurora Borealis Edition - 750ml
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Crystal Head Vodka Aurora Borealis Edition - 750ml

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    The absolute best vodka and great service

    This vodka is the best vodka I have ever come across. Crystal head is so smooth and honestly almost as refreshing as ice water. It blends perfectly and without an overpowering taste it can even be sipped straight. Since it is a more pure vodka less chance of a hangover. It is very pricey but very worth it and the glass skulls can be reused. My aurora edition is absolutely stunning to look at, even better than the photos i have seen online. Napacabs had a very quick and on time delivery for it. It was wrapped well protected. I even got contact with them the same day i ordered because I had left something out of my address by technical error and needed to change it. They emailed AND called me back to fix and double check that everything was up to date and par.

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