Loyalty Program: Reward Points

Reward Points Loyalty Program

  • You don't have to do anything different to start earning Points. Simply register and receive a Bonus 100 Points and track all new rewards within your account dashboard.
  • You will earn points for virtually every dollar spent and Points will automatically be credited to your registered account
  • Reward Points are generated off the order subtotal at a minimum of 100 Points for each $1 spent, plus extra bonuses like Double Points and Triple Points for specials, Wine Clubs, and customer's purchase history.
  • Write a review of 50 words or more and get 100 points per validated review.
  • Refer friends and get 500 points for each referral's first completed purchase.
  • Reward points may be used up to 90 days before expiring, and up to 25% of cart sub-total. To apply points login with your registered account, in the check-out "Reward Points" section enter points to be applied. 
  • Points can only be used with online purchases at Napacabs.com.

What Happened to the old Rewards Program?  

We wanted a software design that provided more features and reliability.

Why only up to 25% of cart sub-total?

We believe given our already low pricing, this program provides our loyal customers with the very best prices anywhere. The 25% restriction is necessary to make the program work. Overall the new program provides superior discounts to our loyal customers, as it allows us to reward based on order frequency, order history, and other promotions. 

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