Ricard Anise Pastis Marseille - 750ml


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Ricard Anise Pastis Marseille - 750ml by Paul Ricard in the Imported Cordials category is now available at Napacabs.com in 750 ML Standard size for only $30.95, inventory was last updated on 2017-02-17 21:35:01. Usually ships in 1 to 5 days

Product Description

"Pastis was first commercialized by Paul Ricard in 1932 and enjoys substantial popularity in France, especially in the southern regions of the country. Although it is consumed throughout France, especially in the summer, pastis is generally associated with southeastern France, especially with the city of Marseille. Ricard is a light and refreshing aperitif that also boasts subtle floral, fruit and spice notes." 45% ABV.

Additional Information

Varietal/TypeImported Cordials
Collector WineN/A
Usually ships in 1 to 5 daysUsually ships in 1 to 5 days
BrandPaul Ricard
Size750 ML Standard