Sibona Amaro Liqueur- 1L


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The Sibona Amaro Liqueur- 1L usually ships within 5 days or earlier. Sibona Amaro Liqueur- 1L by Sibona in the Imported Cordials category is now available at in 1.0 Litre size for only $28.95; inventory was last updated on 2017-03-08 18:30:52.

Product Description

"Amaro Sibona is crafted from a selection of herbs and aromatic plants following an ancient recipe from Piedmont. The maceration and slow infusion of gentianella, cinchona, rhubarb and other herbs produce this bitterish "amaro" liqueur that features exceptional characteristics. It is excellent to drink straight or on the rocks or even with ice-cream and sweets." 28% ABV.

Additional Information

Varietal/Type Imported Cordials
gtin 716898963944
Brand Sibona
Size 1.0 Litre
Region No
Rating No