TY KU White Junmai Daiginjo Sake - 720ml


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Product Description

The true excellence lies in the details of each of the four ultra premium ingredients, all of which represent the gold standard in their respective categories. Water: Pristine water is sourced from the Oirase River in Northern Japan which is fed by melted mountain snow and is naturally filtered and softened to create a smooth texture in TY KU White. Rice: Yamada Nishiki rice, the very best Japanese sake rice in the world, is milled over 50%, taking away all impurities and undesirable flavors, leaving only the finest portion of each grain. Yeast: Safely guarded proprietary yeast strains that have been handed down through the generations dating back to the Edo Period. Koji:

Handmade in the finest cedar-lined koji room, the quintessential environment for TY KU Whites exquisite and complex flavor profile. Extremely refined, smooth flavor profile with bananas and chocolate on the nose. Possesses a unique richness that is present with subtle hints of chanterelles, truffles and spice. Delicate yet creamy with a considerable viscosity that coats the palate with complex layers of wonderful citrus including grapefruit and lemon.

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Varietal/Type Sake
Collector Wine N/A
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gtin 736040520924
Brand TY KU
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