Villa Massa Limoncello - 750ml


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From Italy, Villa Massa Limoncello - 750ml by Villa Massa in the Imported Cordials category is now available at in 750 ML Standard size for only $31.95, inventory was last updated on 2017-02-17 21:35:01. Usually ships in 1 to 5 days

Product Description

"The lemon liqueur of Sorrento Villa Mass, more known as Limoncello, and product since 1890 following an ancient family recipe. The exclusive use of the lemons of Sorrento, joined to the use of a production technique to the avant-garde, make this liqueur one of the most recognizable of the traditional italian wine and gastronomy, diffused and appreciated throughout the world. For a good preservation it is recommended that you keep the bottle away from light and heat sources. Serve well chilled." 30% ABV.

Additional Information

Varietal/Type Imported Cordials
Collector Wine N/A
Usually ships in 1 to 5 days Usually ships in 1 to 5 days
gtin 085917111117
Brand Villa Massa
Size 750 ML Standard
Rating No