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Viognier (Vee-ohn-yay) is a varietal that almost never made it out of France. Thankfully this delicious grape is making a comeback and has made California its new hang out. California isn’t the only appellation growing Viognier though; Colorado, Oregon, and Washington are some of the other sates planting the varietal, as well as countries like Australia and Brazil. The grape tends perform well against heat and drought but can fall prey to mildew when in a damp environment. A model Viognier will come equipped with a strong and distinct aroma profile of fruit and floral. The mouth feel is generally creamy with a full and rich body of flavor that is complimented by its deep golden color. Viognier’s ‘hold nothing back’ mentality makes it ideal for those strong foods (spicy, pungent) that might over power a lesser wine.
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