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Chardonnay (SHAR-duh-nay) is one of the most popular and delicate wine varietals. The grape can be called shy in both growing and tasting characteristics, and it is this shyness or delicacy that leaves it in a wonderful position to take on a myriad of other characteristics through whatever soil it seems to find itself in. This delicacy can also result in the domination of another grape varietal blended with chardonnay even if it is a very small ratio. Chardonnay is grown through out the regions of world, but most notably in the Chablis and Meurasult regions of France. Typical aromas and flavors of the Chardonnay varietal include, apples, peaches, apricots, lemon, oranges, notes of floral, and hints of tropical fruit. Because of the impressionable nature of the grape and the wide variety of regions and winemakers that produce this wine, there will never be a shortage of style when it come to Chardonnay.

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