Beluga Noble Vodka 750ml

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Beluga Noble vodka is the heart and soul of the Beluga brand. This distinguished product epitomizes the field-to-bottle principle, Beluga vodka is renowned for across the globe. Beluga Noble is produced in Montenegro, the vibrant jewel of the Adriatic, from the purest ingredients sourced from our very own distillery in the crisp, cool Baltic.

The smooth, balanced taste of Beluga Noble comes from the precision and efforts of our vodka masters. Our vodka is triple-filtered and extensively rested for 30 days, giving it time to mature and acquire its balanced flavor and aroma, lightly malty with a distant hint of flowers.

Beluga Noble is the taste that is Beluga - smooth, noble, and pure - and is an excellent choice for your martini. Best consumed with caviar.

80 Proof
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