The 10 Best Sparkling Wines Under $20

The 10 Best Sparkling Wines Under $20

Segura Viudas Brut Reserva Cava (Spain) $8.99 – Crisp and fresh, this Spanish sparkling wine gives excellent depth of flavor for a remarkable price. Along with a rich and creamy texture, a glass of Segura Viudas Brute Reserva Cava will have notes of fresh fruit and toasted almonds, as well as floral aromas. A taste of this elegant sparkling wine is sure to send you on a trip to the Iberian Peninsula.

La Marca Prosecco (Italy) $13.99 – This Italian sparkling wine is festive, fun, light; perfect for summer celebrations. You’ll find bright citrus aromas wrapped in a swirl of honey, and the fresh fruit notes of sweet apple and tangy grapefruit on the dry, crisp palate. The bubbles are delightfully vivacious in the glass and are sure to be a hit at brunches and receptions.

Toad Hollow Risque Methode Ancestrale Sparkling Wine (France) $12.99 - This "vin vivant" (lively wine) is a crisp and fruity sparkling wine with low alcohol (6%) and the taste of fresh green apples and pears. Softly effervescent with just enough sweetness to seduce your palate as an aperitif or tempt you when you want something perfectly naughty to finish ... or, perhaps ... to start again! Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Korbel California Brut 12.99 – This Classy California Sparkling wine is used to celebrate more weddings, anniversaries, and New Year’s celebrations than any other quality sparkling wine. Korbel Brut is light and crisp, with spicy fruit flavors with a balanced medium-dry finish. Korbel Brut is perfect for every celebration and many meals. Try it with chicken dishes, oriental foods, especially those using lemon grass or mild curries. Korbel Brut is also great served with many fruits and milder cheeses.

Mumm Napa Brut Prestige (California) $19.99 - Brut Prestige is Mumm Napa's signature sparkling wine. It is a relaxed, yet elegant, wine that features fine bright citrus, red apple, stone fruit and creamy vanilla aromas, with hints of toast, honey and gingerbread spice. Its vibrant flavors are balanced by fine acidity and a rich, lingering finish. Add a touch of casual sophistication to any event with a bottle of Mumm Napa Brut Prestige.

Alice Prosecco Extra Dry Daman (Italy) $16.99 - Being an Extra Dry, Daman has the extra dimension of fruitiness, but still with precision and balance. It's a great brunch wine and highly useful with any dish that has a touch of sweetness. Bottle carries the spirit of the Old World wherever it goes. Add an aspect of tradition and culture with a bottle of AliceProsecco Extra Dry Daman.

JP Chenet Brut Blanc de Blancs (France) $8.99 – A world famous French Sparkling wine, JP Chenet Brut Blanc de Blancs adds French elegance to any glass. This superior sparkling wine is complex with a pale yellow color with soft green reflections. A very expressive bouquet highlighting subtle notes of lime fruit. Fresh and lively on the palate, a perfect balance between fruit and acidity. A pleasant aperitif, this wine goes wonderfully well with platters of sea-food and cooked or raw fish.

Chandon California Brut $19.99 – A refined every day sparkling wine, This California Brut contains crisp flavors of limes and deep flavors of cherries. This lovely wine grows in the glass. Classic balance typifies this refreshingly soft, yet dry wine. The wine delivers complex apple and pear characteristics accented by citrus spice over notes of almond and caramel in the bouquet. When you taste Chandon California Brut, look for nutty flavors with hints of brioche that build to a refreshingly dry finish.

Carmenet California Sparkling Chardonnay $10.99 – rich, yet elegant, this bottle is a go-to in any social or dining situation. Employing bottle fermentation to infuse tiny bubbles, complexity and fullness, Carmenet Brut is a sparkling wine of immense character. Flavors of apple and pear are prominent. A pleasant pastry nuance lingers on the palate as creamy and crisp textures impart a refreshing finish. An excellent choice to represent the atmosphere of California sparkling wines.

Wilson Creek Almond California Champagne $12.99 -This white sparkling wine is naturally fermented, with just a hint of pure almond added so it's guaranteed to dazzle your guests. A must-have sparkling wine to elevate the tone of any event, this fragrant and enticing wine is prefect with desserts. 

Jun 14th 2019

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