Caymus Vineyards California Cabernet 2022

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Wine Tasting Notes
Launched in the 2022 vintage, the Caymus Vineyards California Cabernet was born out of a deep appreciation for the diverse vineyard landscapes of California. These vineyards, some of which are located in lesser-known regions, have shown great potential in producing exceptional Cabernet wines.

The sourcing process involves a meticulous search for vineyard sites that possess the perfect combination of climatic conditions, soil quality, and topography that are most conducive to growing Cabernet grapes. From Paso Robles to the lesser-known regions of Lake, San Benito, and Monterey Counties, Caymus seeks out the ideal terroir for crafting their wines.

The Caymus Vineyards California Cabernet is characterized by its rich, ripe fruit flavors and velvety tannins, embodying the distinctive Caymus style. Whether enjoyed upon release or aged for further complexity, this wine showcases the essence of Caymus Vineyards in every sip.
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