Scotty Boy Big Tang Santa Barbara Syrah NV

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Wine Tasting Notes
Please stop and take a moment to consider this label very carefully, almost literally, to get a whiff of what's happening behind. BIG TANG. just say it sotto voce a few times while taking in the menagerie of scribbles constituting this so-called wine label. the semi-crazed expression on the scotty-boy! visage. the thought bubble realization - BIG TANG is in the house! a scotty-boy! thunder bolt pops out of the matrix next to the SCOTTY-BOY! head. hallucination? delirious? SCOTTY-BOY! shudders with delight. BIG TANG is here! seems like some very BIG TANG is happening here! is it gonna be a BIG TANG FEST, my friends?! OH YES, MY FRIENDS!!! BIG TANG!!! BIG TANG!!! BIG TANG!!!

(excuse me, just lost my mind for a sec)

nose: ume plum blossom, desiccated violet, coriander, black peppercorn

palate: under-ripe dates, blackberry, cinnamon, whole lotta love

feel free to serve chilled



Alcohol 12.3%

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