Sprizzeri de Paolo de Martin Italian Wine Based Spritzer Classico Orange with Bitters 4 Pack Cans 8.4oz

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After traveling the world in 1934, Edoardo de Martin returned to Cortina d'Ampezzo, Veneto inspired to create the perfect Italian aperitif. Using a secret family recipe, Edoardo bottled a delicious Prosecco, orange and herb wine spritzer reminiscent of an Aperol spritz. Nearly a century later, “Italy's Original Wine Spritzer” has come to America, and boy, is it delicious! A “ready-made cocktail” in a slim, colorful can, Sprizzerí Classico Orange with Bitters is a “frizzante”-style drink with pleasingly dry, tart-orange and a sophisticated blend of herbs. It's a fun, timely, and tasty addition to any progressive bar or shelf program.

5.5% ABV
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