Zirbenz Stone Pine Liqueur of the Alps 750ml

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A Unique Identity with Alpine Luxury. In generations past, possession of stone pine liqueur was indicative of one's skill at mountaineering or a prized alpine journey. Enjoyment was reserved for special occasions, owing to the liqueur's limited availability. Today, with sophisticated lovers of food and drink seeking out natural and unique local products, a new generation is enjoying Zirbenz Stone Pine Liqueur with fine dining and the luxury alpine resort experience. Through partnership with local mountain harvesters and respect of forest conservation practices, Haus Alpenz now offers Zirbenz beyond the forest kingdom of Steiermark Austria. Zirbenz draws its hallmark pine floral aroma, flavors and reddish hues from the freshly picked fruit of the Arolla Stone Pine found high in the Alps. Smooth and mildly sweet.

70 Proof

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