Old Forester Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky 750ml

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Established in 1870, Old Forester stands as the sole bourbon that has been consistently distilled and promoted by its original family throughout the years, including the challenging period of Prohibition. Boasting an impressive 86 proof, Old Forester Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky offers an authentic bourbon experience, characterized by its indulgent and robust flavor, as well as its impeccably smooth nature. Whether enjoyed straight, over ice, diluted with a touch of water, or incorporated into a timeless cocktail, Old Forester guarantees a truly exceptional drinking experience.
  • Aroma - Intense and fragrant, boasting a powerful floral essence intertwined with subtle traces of refreshing mint, luxurious tobacco leaf, and creamy vanilla.
  • Taste - A robust foundation is established by a delicate blend of oak and pine. Initially sharp, it swiftly mellows, revealing nuances of oak, sweet corn, and the distinctive character of rye grain. The spiciness is complemented by gentle hints of vanilla and a touch of citrusy orange.
  • Finish - Enduring, comforting, and leaving a slight dryness on the palate. The level of sweetness is perfectly balanced, providing a delightful conclusion.
  • 86 Proof
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