Tanqueray No. Ten London Gin 750ml Rated 98


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Product Description

Wine Enthusiast Review
Rated 98
Initially the nose is softly perfumed with citrus zest and coriander, but then the juniper bursts through as if yelling, "Wait for me!" The juniper grows and grows in the nose, bringing with it the sharp notes that gin lovers crave. The body is big, round, and oily, and the palate - intensely dry - carries through from the nose, except for this time around, its the perfume/juniper notes that lead the way, with the softer citrus flavors, mingling with dark spices (orris root?), providing a complex backdrop. The gin disappears in the throat, but lingers on the palate for a long, long time. A gin drinkers gin. So complex that, although we rarely recommend this: Forget the vermouth. This gin stands too well all on its own.

Beverage Testing Institute Review
Rated 97
Clear. Bright, deep juniper and citrus aromas. Medium body. Crisp, assertive juniper bite, with a very smooth, oily mouth feel. Tremendous depth of flavor in the complex array of botanicals. Beautifully balanced with a zest of lemon in the long, lingering finish. World class gin, clearly designed for decadently elegant martinis.

94.6 Proof Gin

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Varietal/Type N/A
gtin 088110158606
Size 750 ML Standard
Region N/A
Rating Rated 90+